Are you ready to compete with the top amateur chefs in Australia? This is your golden chance to become Fortune’s first MasalaChef!

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Start your video with your name, city, and contact details. Show your prepared dish clearly in the video.

Look into the video camera and talk about why this dish is special. You may choose to give your dish a unique name!

Click here to upload your video

This video should not be more than two minutes. Longer videos will be disqualified.

The top 30 contestants each from Sydney and Melbourne will be invited to the next round of Fortune MasalaChef

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August 2021 [ Lockdown Pending ]

Open Pantry Challenge

The top eight contestants from each state will meet for Fortune MasalaChef Open Pantry Challenge where they will be given 60 minutes to prepare a 2-course meal (entrée + main course).

Contestants will have access to an open pantry from which to pick their ingredients.

Judges will taste and evaluate the meal prepared and select top 2 finalists from each state.

Are you Fortune’s Masala Chef?

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Late August 2021 [ Lockdown Pending ]


The top 4 home cooks will clash in the Fortune MasalaChef cook-off for our judges and discover who is Australia’s top Fortune MasalaChef

The contestants will get 75 minutes to prepare a three-course meal from a “Mystery Box” of ingredients.

Are you Fortune’s Masala Chef?

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First Prize


Runner Up

A variety of Fortune products and collateral will
be supplied to the Top 30 finalists.

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“We are fortune, no ordinary company, and we’re on a mission to transform home cooking in order to make every day extraordinary.

We are the biggest and our food is the freshest and the best.

Serving up inspiring global cuisine is the way we tend to you and your family. Because no day should taste the same; boring and unexceptional simply won’t do.

There’s a world of food out there. Be inspired, live life to the full and enjoy good fortune everyday.”

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